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We are specialised in data center and network security. With experience from designing, building and automating data center networks with thousands of physical servers, huge stack environments and their integration, we are experienced in large scale data centers inside out.
That's what WE do, that's YOUR edge.

Network Fabrics

Modern network fabrics form the backbone of a future-proof data center in various scales. From smaller networks with TRILL technologies to mid-size to large scale data center technologies such as multi-site EVPN VXLAN. With their scalable architectures, they provide the basis for secure and reliable integration of modern SDN and "as-a-Service" stacks (*aaS) as well as classic environments with network-centric services.

Integrated Security

In a modern data center network, security can never just be flanged on, but must be considered by design. That's why our deep understanding of IT security in the design of modern network fabrics is the basis for outstanding network blueprints.

Advanced Services

In addition to security, the integration of various services, some of which have a classic appearance, such as DNS, load balancing and firewalling in modern data centers is of enormous importance. Especially if these services cleverly take up the scale out of the fabric and are integrated with the same diligence.

Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid Cloud is a solution that combines a private cloud with one or more public cloud services and enables communication between different services. The connection of hybrid clouds imposes high demands on network rates, availability and redundancy.

Internet Routing

For large companies, the question quickly arises as to how to set up their Internet connections using their own autonomous systems (AS), with maximum independence from specific Internet providers.


We have many years of experience in peering with the largest Internet providers and operating several Internet transitions for large companies.

Service Integration

Service integration as well as the degree of integration is crucial for all modern IT services. Furthermore, the knowledge of the protocol families IPv4 and IPv6 as well as typical application protocols are of special importance.

Software Development

Developing software and understanding automation processes do build the foundation of software defined networking we are passioned about.

One of our  software product suite called Network Operators Workbench (NOW) has been developed with the purpose for planning, implementing and operating IT components with a focus on network and security. NOW is used by customers for example to manage and automate large EVPN VXLAN or Fabricpath network fabrics.

Day 2 Operations

The so-called Day-2 Operations defines the operation of installed IT components in their entire life cycle after their installation and configuration and before their end of life. This includes all maintenance, housekeeping and optimization, as well as troubleshooting if things do not run as planned. 

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Data Center

The data center is the central hub of your business regardless of wether it is on-premise or hybrid scaled with a cloud provider.

With the entire business depending on the availability and reliability of the data center, it takes the highest criticality in an enterprise IT landscape.


In addition to designing modern data center fabrics, other skills are required when it comes to implementing hybrid cloud setups, designing custom Internet connections or integrating other higher value services.

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Automation is the key success factor for a modern IT landscape. Without an effective implementation of an automation solution, the performance and speed will lag far behind the possibilities and their competitiveness with modern hyperscalers.

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